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One of the pleasures for us  letting out the croft have been the lovely thank you messages we have received by text and e-mail. Here are some from this years guests.

Hello David, Thanks for your message. We arrived here in the pouring rain yesterday and were really impressed with the croft. It was really warm comfortable and clean. We are really delighted with the house. It is fantastic and we will enjoy it whatever the weather. Jane loves feeding the birds. Heard a cuckoo too!


We’re well settled here, it’s a lovely house, prob the best we’ve stayed in. Weather good so far, off to get fishing permit now.


We had a great time staying in your croft.  We loved the decor and it was very comfortable and welcoming. The croft is very cosy, we did put the fire on several times which was very easy to light and very cheery. The views are fantastic, the mountains were stunning in all lights and weather.  We loved the short walk to the nearest bay and enjoyed watching seals playing and a mink (sadly did not see any otters).  There was lots to do in the area and we were sad to leave and hope that we can stay some other time.


Let me say how much we enjoyed your house! It’s in a wonderful position and you have restyled the interior very successfully and made it a very stylish and comfortable place which we hugely enjoyed – along with an array of birds on your feeder and the two stags in the morning from the wood opposite.